Family Weekend Camp

In addition to our week-long sleepaway camp for kids ages 8-17 years old, Camp Quest South Carolina offers occasional family weekend “camps.”  The family weekend camps are a great way for campers to hang out and socialize throughout the year, helping to maintain the friendships and sense of community that is built during the week of camp, and they also give parents an opportunity to participate in Camp Quest fun.  They are also ideal for families with younger children or siblings that aren’t quite old enough or ready for the regular summer camp.  At this time, we do not have any future Family Weekend Camps scheduled.

The first family camp was held in October 2011 and had a record attendance of 100+ people.  That weekend took place at our regular summer facility in Aiken, SC and gave families a chance to see what our camp grounds looked like in addition to getting to know Camp Quest staff.


Our second family camp was held at Great Wolf Lodge in Charlotte, NC in February 2013.  With over 40 people in attendance, everyone had a great time participating in Camp Quest activities as well as playing in the waterpark.  It’s not everyday that one gets to swim while watching it snow, but that’s what we did!

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Our 2014 family camp was held in April at Stone Mountain Park in Stone Mountain.  The weather wasn’t so great, but even lots of rain couldn’t dampen our mood.  We had fun at the park on Saturday, laughed over a roaring campfire later that night,  and enjoyed a wonderful sense of shared community during our humanist egg hunt Sunday (Easter) morning.