About Us

Camp 42 is a one-week overnight camp for children from secular and non-religious families.  We believe that we can positively change the world by empowering young people to be the best versions of themselves, inspiring them with values of compassion, integrity, and equality, and providing them with creative and critical thinking tools.  We believe we can achieve this through an excellent summer camp program.  Welcome to Camp 42!


Camp 42’s history began in 2009 when founder Amy Monsky searched for a secular summer camp for her children.  Having recently learned of Camp Quest, whose mission it was to serve non-religious families, Monsky consulted with Camp Quest, attended the Ohio session in 2010, and ultimately decided to found Camp Quest South Carolina, becoming an affiliate of Camp Quest. Camp Quest South Carolina was founded in 2011 and operated its first summer session in 2012.

In 2016, CQSC’s Board of Directors reorganized itself into Camp Quest Southeast with the intention of expanding to new locations to serve a broader geographical region.  The newly-named Camp Quest Southeast founded sites in Mississippi (CQ Natchez Trace) in 2017 and Camp Quest Florida in 2018.

In 2018, CQSE’s Board of Directors voted to release its licensing agreement with Camp Quest.  Our senior staff had begun attending conferences and other professional development opportunities in the national camp industry in 2016, and the board of directors came to realize that there are new possibilities and ways in which to operate that we cannot properly develop as an affiliated organization.  We are the same corporation as before, but we have renamed ourselves Camp 42.

As of October 2018, Camp 42 is no longer a licensed affiliate of Camp Quest, Inc.