For 2021, Camp 42 will offer 2 camp sessions. Neither will be a traditional session due to the lack of vaccine availability for campers of all ages, but each will be crafted with the same mission-driven passion that is the foundation of all of our regular weeks of camp. While we are sad that circumstances do not allow us to safely offer camp to campers of all ages, we are excited about what we are able to offer.

Virtual Camp

We will offer a virtual camp July 18-23 for ages 7-17 years. We are still working out what this will look like, but it will likely include supplies delivered to be used throughout the week during activities and games conducted via zoom. Register for this event using the button above or below.

Overnight Residential Camp

We will hold ONE in-person week of camp July 18-24. This session will be limited to campers 16-19 years old, and it will take place at our South Carolina location at Camp Long in Aiken.

We would love to have eligible campers from our Florida and Natchez Trace locations attend this location. We understand that the drive is longer and don’t want that to be the obstacle to getting your camper to camp, so we will try to work with you to develop a transportation plan.

We are limiting this session to 16 years and older because that is currently the youngest projected approved age for a COVID vaccine. We have increased the age to 19 years old to allow those campers who missed what would have been their last year due to 2020’s cancellation to have a do-over as well as to give those who would have been first-year staffers one last week of camp free from supervisory expectations.

Teens who are 18 and 19yo have the option this year to attend as LTs or as staff. If they choose to attend as LTs, they will have the same experience as their 16 and 17yo counterparts, and the cost is $600. If they choose to attend as staff, they will have the responsibilities of being on staff, and while all staff are volunteers and receive no compensation, there is no cost to attend, either.

15-year old campers who have attended a Camp 42 session before will be eligible to submit an application to attend this session. The application will not guarantee participation, and the final determination of acceptance will be made closer to camp and only after a thorough interview with the family. It may be that NO 15 year old is accepted, but we want to leave the door open in case something does change between now and the start of camp.

Campers must be the given age by the start of the camp session.

Like the non-traditional age range for this session, the programming will also be non-traditional. Campers will have all the fun (and supervision) of a regular camp session, but they’ll also participate in staff training and 2022 program development alongside older staff members. They’ll also have the opportunity to take a hands-on role in conducting the virtual camp session.

Registration for 16-19yos as well as the application for 15yos can be completed using the registration button below.

For 16 and 17yos, the cost is $600 with a $100 non-refundable deposit due upon registration.

The registration fee for 18 and 19 yo LT participants is $300, with a $50 non-refundable deposit due upon registration. 18 and 19 yo LTs who have never attendend a Camp 42 session before have a $100 non-refundable deposit due upon registration.

15yo applications do not require a deposit and will not be charged unless they are accepted in the program, but the application process is otherwise the same as regular registration.

Financial aid will be available. All families will be contacted within 2 weeks of registration by our camp leadership team to discuss plans regarding COVID and to answer any questions parents may have.